Area 3 Brought to you by AURORA

October 1 – January 1

Brandy Michele Adams + Michael Moore + Robert Anthony
Eric Trich + Taylor Cleveland
Alicia Eggert
Danielle Georgiou
Hal Samples + Favian Herrera
Melanie Clemmons + Zak Loyd
Zuyva Sevilla
David Stout
Francine Thirteen
Tramaine Townsend
Blake Weld

Know Before You Go

Area 3's Mission

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dallas’s parking garages and the local art and culture industry have seen their business cut by over $68 million, with the artists themselves have been among the hardest hit with a tremendous amount of work opportunities lost. AURORA is addressing this financial loss with their Artist Relief Fund, which has been awarded to two artists thus far, with more rounds to be announced. For over ten years, AURORA has relied on the incredible event production industry in North Texas to put on their large-scale public art exhibitions. With the knowledge that the event industry has also been hit particularly hard by COVID-19, we are looking forward to collaborating with our partners once again on Area 3.

Area 3 will function on a shared profit model in an experiment to support local artists and vendors whose income has been affected in the wake of COVID-19. Featuring works by sixteen regional artists, the exhibition will include large-scale light, video, and sound installations.

About the event

October 1st, 2020– January 1st 2021

Hours of Operation:
October: Monday-Sunday (Currently) 7pm-1am
November: Monday-Sunday (Currently) 6pm-1am
December: Monday-Sunday (Currently) 6pm-1am

DalPark Parking Garage – Across from Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas
1600 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75201.

Exhibition takes place on the visitor side of the garage areas 3-5.

Ticket Pricing and Details:
Tickets are $30 per car before arrival.

All ticket purchasing happens on-line through website
Some add-ons may be included throughout the run of the exhibition at an additional cost.
All tickets are sold in hour blocks to maintain traffic flow and safety.

What it is:
Area 3, transforms over 100,000 square feet of a parking garage in downtown Dallas. Area 3 will function on a shared profit model in an experiment to support local artists and vendors whose income has been affected in the wake of COVID-19. Featuring works by sixteen regional artists, the exhibition will include large-scale light, video, and sound installations as well as performances which will be viewable from the safety of attendees’ own cars.

It is important to arrive during your hour window. Staff will be there to assist you through the garage to the appropriate level. The approximate time to view the exhibit will between 30-45 minutes.

Important Info:
– Please be aware that you will be driving your motorized vehicle through the exhibition with your lights off and the only thing lighting your path is the artwork.
– In case you are sensitive to light please be aware that there is a lot of different forms of lighting used in this exhibition. (There is no strobe lighting)
– There are many works involving sound in the exhibition and please be prepared for different levels of decibels.
– There is a possibility for smoke/haze while traveling through a few of the artworks.
– Please make sure you have enough gasoline in your motorized vehicle to get from the lobby, exhibit and exit safely. Approximate length of entire visit will be about an hour.
– Clearance is 7′ in the garage. Please ensure you’re able to enjoy the exhibit without any damage to your vehicle. 


How much do tickets cost?
$30 per motorized vehicle + transaction fees.

Can I purchase tickets at the door/gate/entrance?
No. Tickets can only be purchased online here ahead of time.

What time should I arrive for my timed entry?
Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your entry time. We want you to have the best possible experience and this will help with traffic flow throughout the garage.

Are tickets refundable?
Tickets are non-refundable.

How will I get my tickets if I buy them online?
Your tickets will be sent to you via email. When you arrive at 1600 Commerce please have the confirmation email ready on your phone or in print.

Can I show my tickets on my phone at the door or do I need to have the physical tickets with me?
Either are fine. You will need to have a way to show your ticket with time and date at the gate in order to get in.

What if my tickets are lost or stolen?
Please contact AURORA directly for any ticketing mishaps. We will be able to look up your purchase ahead of your arrival but not at the gate.

Can I access the exhibition on foot or bicycle?
The exhibit can only be accessed by motorized vehicle only for the safety of all patrons and artwork.

Can we have people in our truck bed?
There can be no open seating in truck beds. Due to the low clearance of the garage and the placement of artwork it is considered dangerous. No Trailers, RV’s, or Buses.

Is alcohol permitted?
Alcohol consumption follows the laws of the state of Texas and is forbidden on-site while operating a moving motorized vehicle.

How long does the drive-thru experience take?
The experience from start to finish will take 30-45 mins not including any waiting or line cueing.

Since I am in my motorized vehicle, will I be able to smoke?
For safety and air quality we please ask that you do not smoke while driving through the exhibit as well as any other part of the garage.

Will I be able to get out of my motorized vehicle to go to the restroom?
Restrooms are available for emergencies only and they are not easily accessible.

Once we exit the experience, can we come back through if our hour isn’t up yet?
Once you have exited the exhibit the experience is over and you may not return for another trip around. 

What fees and taxes will I be charged?
Ticketing transaction fees. 

Is there a way for me to get updates as the event gets closer as well as on the day of the event in case there are weather or traffic delays or other problems that could affect the event?
Please check the website for any updates. Since the exhibit is in downtown Dallas we highly recommend you calculate travel from your location.

Are cameras allowed?
Yes , no flash photography please!

What types of tickets are available?
We only sell general admission tickets, which cost $30 per motorized vehicle. 

Is there a military/senior discount?
AURORA is not offering a military or senior discount at this time.

Can I reschedule my ticket for another day/time?
Please email with ‘reschedule’ in the subject line, no later than 48 hours in advance, and someone will contact you about availability to reschedule.

Is there a speed limit for Area 3?
It is requested that all motorized-vehicles drive 5mph or under to allow for the best experience not just for you, but for everyone going through at the same time as well.

 Will there be any food or beverage sales at the exhibit? 
There will be no selling of food or beverage at Area 3.

Is there another way to support  Aurora if I am not able to attend?
If you wish to donate to your local artists community and its artists’ click HERE. We thank you in advance for any and all help given at this time.



Get Directions

DALPARK PARKING GARAGE – 1600 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX. 75201

Made Possible By...
Area 3 is made possible by the  generous support from: Downtown Dallas Inc., The Sapphire Foundation,  Preciate,  The Dallas Office of Art and Culture, Tractorbeam Ruibal’s,  Inlight-Gobo’s and 900 Lbs.

Founding Media Sponsor: The Dallas Morning News


AURORA is a public art and cultural mission to expand the future of art through a dialogue that engages the creative possibilities within ourselves and each other.

AURORA would like to thank the
 following Foundations and individuals for their continued support:

Lydia and Bill Addy, Beth and Peter Beck, Nancy and Randy Best,  Barbara and Mason Brown, Christie and Trey Brown, Lucilo Pena and Lee Cobb,  Emily and David Corrigan, Catherine Corrigan, David B. Deniger, Claire Dewar, Bill and Rusty Duvall, TurningPoint Foundation, Hartland & Mackie Family FoundationFanchon and Howard Hallam, Cinda and Thomas Hicks,  Mary Jalonick, Nancy and Mike KerrCarol and John Levy, Sarah and Alan Losinger, Vicki and Brian Miller,  Susan and Bill Montgomery, Jay and Ruthie Pack, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, Cynthia and Charley Redden, Stacey and Gerald Ridgeley, Deedie Rose, Catherine and Will Rose,  Stephanie and Mark Ruibal and Nicole and Justin Small.